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For violin, bass clarinet, and 2 electric guitars with electronics.

Performers: Shaun Lee Chen (violin), Dr Ashley Smith (bass clarinet), and Dr Jonathan Fitzgerald (guitar and electronics).

Recordings by Perth Recording.

Children of the Drifting Weather

For orchestra and percussion.

Performance by the UWA Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Ledger, with soloist Declan Ryan, costumes and handmade instruments by Susan Flavell, choreography by dramaturge Sian Murphy, and dancers Samantha Hortin & Leah Sellwood. Film and editing by Chad Peacock.

This performance was supported by the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The Piercing Gaze of a Submerged Creature

For solo prepared double bass. Written in collaboration with WASO associate principal double bass John Keene.

Performances by John Keene.

Recordings by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and Cygnus Arioso.


Sound installation for flute and field recordings.

Flautist: Charlotte Kirke

Commissioned by artist Drew Pettifer for the 2023 exhibition “Forget Me Not” at Sarah Scouts Presents Art Gallery.


Alto saxophone, cello, and field recordings.

Dancers: Aisha Samat & Zaki MacLean.

Recorded as part of STRUT Dance & Tura New Music’s 2022 “Dance, Sound, Film Lab”.


For two bass clarinets and visual media.

Performers: Alex Wallace (left), and Steph Winter (right). Visuals by Drew Pettifer.


Electronic work using cassette tapes

Unselected Electronic Archives

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